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The very title of this job has travel in its nature, so it comes as no surprise that teaching English abroad made it onto our list of great travel jobs. Teaching English is becoming one of the most popular jobs for expatriates living in foreign countries, and is a popular choice for teachers interested in travel.

If you’re interested in gaining some experience as a teacher, or you have enjoyed teaching in the past, this is a great opportunity to make money and see the world!

In our teaching English abroad section you will learn a great deal about what it means to teach English in foreign country. This includes certifications, contracts, programs, and other pertinent details about first becoming a teacher. We also explore specific regions, like Asia and Europe where English teaching jobs are in high demand. As English becomes a more important skill to have in the global economy, more children are being instructed in foreign countries. So too are business executives and other adults. This makes teaching English an enormous opportunity for people with teaching experience or for those with the desire to teach abroad.

China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia are just a few of the countries we cover in our teaching English jobs in Asia section where teaching jobs are readily available. Because of this demand and the importance of learning English in Asian countries, teachers in Asia consistently make some of the best salaries of those teaching abroad. Most English teachers in Asia return home with money saved and a number of exciting memories.

Find out about what types of teaching jobs are available in Asia, the types of qualifications you might need to teach, and how to go about procuring a job in an Asian country. All of this and more can be found in our JobMonkey section on teaching English in Asia.

Don’t forget there is also a growing demand to learn English in other parts of the world as well. Europe is one such location, where expatriates and students living abroad for a few months can often find lucrative teaching jobs.

Our entire section on teaching English in Europe is designed to walk you through exactly what to expect upon arriving and teaching English in a number of different European countries and how to apply and find the best teaching jobs.

Europe represents some of the most diverse and exciting travel opportunities in the world, and English teachers not only enjoy a euro or two earned through teaching endeavors but also, the ability to travel to a number of wonderful countries.

Teaching English is perhaps one of the best jobs for people eager to travel. As a command of the English language becomes a more important skill across a number of demographics, the need for teachers increases. As a result, there are opportunities to teach English all over the world as a means to support travel. Other regions in need of English teachers are South and Central America where teachers are in high demand.

If you want to travel but still need a job in order to make money, consider a certification in teaching English. Explore our sections on teaching English abroad and enjoy travel throughout the world!

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