November 22, 2016

20 Simple Tips And Tricks To Get People To Like You

Are you a likable person? Everyone can benefit from a few mind tricks that will get people to like you more. There are some very simple psychological tips and body language tricks that you can utilize that will get people to like you instantly. Even though this sounds too good to be true, when applied correctly these tips and tricks totally work.

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There’s no reason not to take advantage of simple and harmless mind tricks when you’re networking. With a bit of practice you can effortlessly win people over and easily build relationships with anyone. Being likable is a valuable asset that can take you far in life. Why not tap into that potential?

Let’s take a look at 20 simple tips and tricks to get people to like you:

  1. Make Eye Contact
  2. Use Silence To Your Advantage
  3. Open Your Hands
  4. Nod Your Head When Listening
  5. Mimic Their Mannerisms
  6. Compliment Them
  7. Make Friends With Their Friends
  8. Don’t Try To Be Perfect
  9. Casually Tap and Touch Them
  10. Listen
  11. Smile More
  12. Be Authentic And Genuine
  13. Tell Them A Secret
  14. Show Them That You Like Them
  15. Use People’s Names
  16. Remember The Small Details Of Their Stories
  17. Talk About And Ask Questions About Them
  18. Be Positive
  19. Avoid Taboo Topics
  20. Be Enthusiastic

Positive interactions with the people that you meet is essential for networking. While it may take a bit of time to master these tricks, you can do it. Pay attention to others during conversations to see what other tips and tricks you can notice. When you find out what works well for you, you can use it to your advantage – and maybe even find you dream job!

Everyone wants to be liked. It’s human nature. Take note of the unspoken things because they actually make the biggest impact on how people perceive you. Now go out and see if you can apply these psychology tips and body language tactics to your bag of tricks.

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