March 9, 2014

9 Unconventional Job Search Tips

Searching for a job is a full time job. It’s time consuming and it’s mentally and physically exhausting. Eventually all of your hard work will pay off. Sometimes you just need to follow a few unconventional job search tips.

When you apply for a job, there are often hundreds of other qualified applicants. What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes a recruiter want to learn more about you? How do you become the most interesting applicant?

We think the best way to stand out is to be you, but think outside the box. You can beat the competition with these unconventional job search tips:

  1. Create A Personalized and Professional Website – A web presence is the first place that potential employers go to learn more about you. Invest the time (and money) to create a tip top website. Use it to highlight your portfolio, shine the spotlight on your resume, and tell your story. A high end website will help you land a cool job.
  2. Work For Free – Everyone wants to be paid for their time. Sometimes a bit of good faith work can help you stand out – especially if you do a good job. Think of working for free as an extended job interview. It could lead to a job or it could help build your resume. Just don’t do it for too long!
  3. Use Customized Business Cards – Make your business cards unique. Play with sizes, colors, fonts, and logos to capture people’s attention.
  4. Visit Your Dream Employer’s Office – Go to the office, open the door, and get to know people. Who you know is a big factor in where your career is going to go. Be personable and make an in-person impression.
  5. Create a Video Resume – Use a video resume in addition to your traditional resume. Make it entertaining.
  6. Use Your Smartphone – The most versatile job search tool is your smartphone.
  7. Search For Companies, Not Jobs – Working for the right company can make all the difference in your happiness level.
  8. Send Applications via FedEx or UPS – If an secretary has to sign to accept a package that contains your resume, they will probably take note.
  9. Seek Out Email Addresses – Do some research to see if you can get a personal email of someone higher up in the company. Try to contact them in a professional manner via your network. Often making contact with a real person can go farther than emailing a generic email address.

Pick a couple of these unconventional job search tips. Put them to use in your job search and see what happens. You may be surprised how some of these simple, yet unconventional job search tips can totally change your job search.

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