October 1, 2011

Using Tech to Get a Job

In a recent issue of the JobMonkey Newsletter, we talked about using Skype as a job interview tool. Tech like Skype can really help you find the job of your dreams – and this isn’t the only platform that can be of use with your job search. Here are some more techie tips to help you get the gig you want:

  • Use social media to find a job.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ can all help you find a job if you build your network. Connect with people in your desired industry. They’ll often hear of job openings and post when positions are available within their companies. Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re looking.

  • Get your resume online.

Replying to job ads is great, but can employers find you? Sometimes, companies don’t advertise positions. They instead hire headhunters to peruse job sites and find great candidates. If your resume isn’t uploaded, you could be missing out.

  • Learn basic computer skills.

You don’t have to know how to build a website or program a computer, but if you know basic skills, especially with Microsoft Office, you’ll be a much stronger candidate for any position. Many community centers and colleges offer free classes to beginners, so there’s no reason not to learn.

Of course, if you want to find a tech job, you’re going to need to really live in the online world and understand how computers work. Most positions even require degrees. However, for most jobs, even basic tech skills will put you ahead of the curve.

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