May 28, 2015

The Weirdest Jobs In The World

We love jobs. There are so many weird, wacky, and wonderful jobs in the world. It’s absolutely fascinating to hear about what people do for a living. That’s why we scoured the Internet to find some of the weirdest jobs on the planet.

Below is a list of some of the weirdest jobs in the world. They all exist. People actually get paid to do these things. Would you want one of these weird jobs?

Stunt Man on Movie Set Photo

  • Private Island Caretaker – Every island needs to be taken care of. Who wouldn’t want to caretake on a private tropical island?
  • Stanley Cup Keeper – The NHL’s Stanley Cup trophy is constantly supervised by the “Keeper.”
  • Snake Milker – The venom of a poisonous snake can kill you quickly. That’s why snake milkers extract the venom from snakes to be used in anti-venom.
  • Chicken Sexer – Male and female chickens must be separated as soon as possible. Chicken sexers identify a chicken’s sex and sort the chickens accordingly.
  • Train Pusher – Pushers are also called Oshiya. They push people into trains in Japan during the rush hour to ensure the subway trains have the maximum number of people on each train car.
  • Professional Cuddler – Everyone appreciates a good cuddle, right? People obviously do because they are willing to pay top dollar for people to cuddle with them.
  • Gum Chewer – Gum is a big industry and someone has to test the chewiness, flavor, and other selling points of this hot commodity.
  • Bridesmaid – Weddings are one of the biggest events in your life. Why not hire an extra bridesmaid or two to make it even more special?
  • Bed Tester – You’ll spend a good chunk of your life in your bed. Manufacturers know this and pay people to test beds prior to selling them.
  • Bed Rester NASA pays people to lie in bed. They do it in the name of science.
  • Water Slide Tester – Water parks are a great way to cool off and have fun during the summer. Before anyone can hit up their favorite water slide, it needs to be tested for safety and fun.
  • Google Street View Car Driver – It’s amazing what Google does with their maps. Someone has to drive down every road in the world to get those cool shots you can see online.
  • Human Statue – Times Square, Picadilly Circus, and other busy places are famous for the talented and motionless human statues that entertain people.
  • Fortune Cookie Writer – It’s always fun to read the fortune enclosed inside a fortune cookie. Someone gets paid to write those captions of wise wisdom.
  • Pet Food Tester – Yes, pet food is actually tested by humans first and that person gets paid well to eat the same thing as dogs and cats.
  • Teddy Bear Repairman – Stuffed animals are treasured toys. When one isn’t in tip top shape or needs a fix, you’ll need to call a teddy bear repairman.
  • Professional Mourner – Not enough people to mourn your loved ones at a funeral? Hire a professional mourner.
  • Golf Ball Diver – It’s easier than you might think to hit a golf ball into a lake. Divers head into the murky lakes to retrieve golf balls.
  • Water Sommelier – Usually a sommelier focuses on wine. At this cool restaurant, they actually focus on water.
  • Mermaid Mermaids aren’t real, but underwater models are.
  • Chocolate Taster – Chocolate is sweet and delicious. Would you enjoy getting paid to taste it for a living?
  • LegoLand Modeler – Legos are fun for all ages. What if you got paid to play with legos?
  • YouTube Star – YouTube is a social media medium that reaches viewers around the world. It also has the potential to pay big bucks and be your next career option.

These weird jobs really do exist! They may not be mainstream jobs that appear on every job board, but people work at these jobs every day. It’s hard to nail down an exact career path to find one of these oddball jobs, but if you keep your eyes and ears open, you might just stumble across one of these extraordinary opportunities. Cool jobs like these are offered by cool employers all the time. Expand your network and maybe you’ll hear about one of these wacky jobs or something even weirder!

There’s no doubt about it, the world is full of weird jobs. Can you find a weird job that’s as weird as you? Try JobMonkey’s Unique Jobs Industry Guide to start your search for more of the weirdest jobs in in the world.

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