December 14, 2008

What I Am Reading This Weekend

Sorry I’m so late with the link love this weekend.  Not sure where my head has been, other than trying to avoid the rain that turned to ice that turned to snow that turned back to ice. 

Winter is such a delight with that first pristine snow, but the shine wears off quickly, doesn’t it?  Hopefully you are managing to stay a bit more optimistic about your job searching than I am about the rain/ice/snow.

I have some great links tonight, including a recent piece from the CBS Early Show about how to find holiday work.  If you are currently on the hunt for a full-time job, a seasonal gig is a good way to earn some dough (and an employee discount) while you look.

>> Resume Writing @ My Career Magazine. Here are eight common goofs on resumes — and a fix for each one.  Don’t send off another resume until you check for each of these typos.

>> How To Thrive in Uncertain Times @ Career Hub.  Sital has eight suggestions for developing the right attitude (including a willingness to learn) and for surrounding yourself with the right support system so that you can do more than just survive the current economic uncertainty.

>> Holiday Job Hunting Tips @ the CBS Early Show Watch some advice from CBS financial contributor Vera Gibbons on where to find holiday jobs and how to improve your chances of landing them.

>> President Elect Obama Plans to Create New Green Jobs @ The Green Jobs Blog. A few months ago, I did a number of spots on green collar jobs.  I didn’t want you to forget about this great new industry and thoughts I’d offer up a gentle reminder with this optimistic post from the Green Jobs Blog. Refresh your memory further by reading up on Green Collar Jobs at JobMonkey.

>> Have You Ever Ended Up In the Wrong Career @’s Guide to Career Planning

Dawn’s post got me thinking: We talk a lot on JobMonkey about changing career mid-stream, but we haven’t really delved into why that might happen.  What motivates you to make a big career change, whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s?  (Or 50s or 60s, lest I be accused of being ageist!)  I’m putting that question on the back burner for now, but expect to see a post about the motivation behind career changing in the near future.  And in the meantime, take a look at Dawn’s post.  Oh, and if despite her warnings, you are interested in working as a chef, check out JobMonkey’s newest section on chef jobs!

That’s it for me tonight.  I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

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