August 2, 2013

Working As A Personal Banker

Nearly everyone uses the banking and financial industry. We deposit our hard-earned money in savings and checking accounts, manage our loans and mortgages, and pay our credit cards on a regular basis. Banks are essential for us to manage our financial situations.

When you visit a bank, you often work with a personal banker who can help you manage your finances. Personal bankers work at bank branches and call centers. They deal build bank-client relations by dealing with customers on an individual basis to help them establish accounts and manage their money.

Have you considered working as a personal banker? To be a personal banker, you need to have at least a high school diploma, plus banking and customer service experience. Most banks provide on the job training so the banker knows and understands the bank’s products. After landing the job, personal bankers make well over $30,000 per year.

Finding work as a personal banker is not too challenging. There are plenty of banks in the US and all of them employ personal bankers. There is also plenty of potential for promotion. Why not apply for one of these jobs on JobMonkeyJobs?

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