February 1, 2014

Are Writing Jobs Right For You?

Are you a wordsmith? Do you enjoy the art of writing? Did you know that it’s totally possible to make a good living as a writer? Why are you not searching for writing jobs in your job search?

Think about your job and your daily life. How many times each day do you see technical manuals, advertising copy, ebooks, social media, marketing, television scripts, blogs, press releases, stories, novels, news articles, and magazine features? All of these are written by people who make their living by writing. Nearly every company around the world has a need for a high-quality, professional writer. Are you ready to add writing jobs to your job search?

As with every profession, it’s important to specialize in a niche. It’s easier to craft an impressive writing portfolio if you focus on one type or style of writing. What type of writing will you choose? Technical writing, advertising, travel writing, news writing, editing, fiction novel writing, blogging, marketing, or something else? Pick your niche based on what you enjoy and craft your particular writing style to your niche so that you truly can excel as a writer. Being an expert in one type of writing is more likely to get you hired.

The secret to making it as a writer is to practice. Write until you’re tired. Then write some more. Write until your fingers cramp up and then keep writing. Write and edit your work until you feel that your work is perfect. Make up non-existent topics. Write reviews about products you use. Blog about your life. Write freelance articles. Become an SEO specialist. Add it to your portfolio. A writing portfolio is one of the most important things a writer needs. Many writing jobs require an extensive portfolio before they will even consider you for a position. Employers want to see what you are capable of before they pay you.

Create an amazing portfolio and keep adding to it. Design a website to highlight your work and add the link to all of your emails and resumes. Spread the word that you know what you’re doing. Start to get paying work by using bidding sites like Elance or Guru. Then try to find a writing agent or a steady writing job. Try the JobMonkey job board to search for writing jobs. Create job alerts so that you are notified when new writing jobs are listed.

Writing is a beautiful way to earn a paycheck. Many writing jobs will keep you tied to an office and will provide a steady paycheck. Freelance writing jobs will give you the flexibility to work from the Internet and telecommute. It’s not uncommon for writers to type out their latest masterpiece while sitting on a sailboat, living in a mountain town, drinking coffee in the big city, or working late at night after a big day of playing.

It can be challenging to break into the world of writing, but if you are determined, talented, and focused finding a writing job is an awesome way to make living. Are you ready to start your writing job search?

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