Bidding on Freelance Writing Jobs

When you see a writing job available, you often have to bid on it. This isn’t just true on bidding websites. If you see a call for writers on Craigslist or another website, you have to, essentially “bid” on the project. The price might be set, but you still have to convince the client that you’re the best writer for the job.

Writing an email of interest or a bid on the project is not unlike writing a query letter. However, it is a bit less formal and more about selling yourself rather than selling an idea. They already know what job they need done – they just need the right writer to do it.

Freelance Technical Writer Poses for Photo While Working on Her Laptop

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you write an email indicating your interest in a specific project:

  • Follow directions completely. If you’re asked to send a resume, send a resume. If you’re asked to give links to past work, make sure your email include links.
  • Keep the email fairly short. The person putting out the job ad will likely get dozens of applicants, so be concise to save them time.
  • Proofread. Typos and grammatical errors in your email or writing samples show that you aren’t going to provide a quality product.

Above all, don’t write a generic email about the job. Sometimes, popular, fun topics that pay well get hundreds of applicants. Saying that you are reliable and a good writer is not enough. You have to make your letter unique so that you’re short listed for the project.

Other common error you could make?

  • Not following up on freelance writing projects after about one week, you should contact the potential client and express your continued interest in this project
  • Quoting a price right away – unless the job ad asks for it, your initial email of interest should not include discussion about money
  • Seeming unavailable – talk about what you can do (like include SEO techniques), not about what you can’t do (like your inability to work on weekends)

When you do get a positive response, follow up on the email right away. Many clients are looking for someone to start immediately. Always respond within one business day, and if possible, respond as soon as you get the email, even if it is on the weekend.

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