February 18, 2016

25 Blue Collar Jobs That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year

Blue collar workers are a vital part of the world’s workforce. These hard working individuals perform labor intensive jobs that do not involve sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day. Would a blue collar job that pays well be ideal for you?

Blue collar worker grinding steel in a factory

Blue collar jobs fit into a wide variety of industries like Oil & Gas, Construction, Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Production, Transportation and Material Moving, Firefighting, and other niches. Blue collar jobs usually do not require a university degree, but may require training, certifications, or licenses.

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We recently stumbled upon a post from CareerTrends titled 25 Highest Paying Blue Collar Jobs. All of the jobs on the list earned over $50,000 per year! The list from CareerTrends is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Foreign Labor Certification. All of the employment data is from May 2014 and the salary data is from June 2015. All of the occupations listed had at least 10,000 employees. Want to see what jobs made the list?

Here are 25 blue collar jobs that pay well according to CareerTrends:

  1. Power Distributors – $73,446
  2. Elevator Installers – $68,792
  3. Powerhouse Equipment Installers – $67,128
  4. Water Vessel Captains – $63,032
  5. Power Plant Operators – $62,908
  6. Power Line Installers – $62,094
  7. Transportation Inspectors – $62,018
  8. Landscape Architects $60,696
  9. Gas Plant Operators – $59,388
  10. Aerospace Engineering Technicians – $58,961
  11. Mechanics Supervisors – $56,133
  12. Cartographers – $55,932
  13. Solar Energy Installation Managers – $55,598
  14. Boilermakers – $54,942
  15. Petroleum Pump Operators – $54,492
  16. Subway Operators – $54,471
  17. Electrical Engineering Technologists – $54,067
  18. Avionics Technicians – $52,671
  19. Surveyors – $52,322
  20. Production Supervisors – $52,271
  21. Electrical & Electronics Drafters – $52,194
  22. Locomotive Engineers – $52.041
  23. Robotics Technicians – $51,041
  24. Railroad Conductors – $50,363
  25. Biofuels Processing Technicians – $50,304

Visit CareerTrends to see the Entry Level Wage, Experienced Wage, Well-Experienced Wage, and Average Wage for each job.

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