Working in the Subway

There are many subway systems throughout a lot of major cities within the United States. Probably one of the most famous is the subway system under the country’s largest metropolis – New York City.

Steven K. has been working as a conductor on one of the subway trains running between two of the city’s larger boroughs. The position has been challenging and rewarding and a little frustrating at times, but he loves the work and sees his job as being a great career move for him.

What do you like best about working on the subway?

I get to meet a lot of different people every day. Even though I’m busy and doing my job, I can still take the time to say hello. Being in New York City though, not everyone says hello back – but that’s all right. I still get my job done.

Has the work been what you expected it to be?

I was a little surprised at how many people the subway transports every single day of the week. It’s an important part of many peoples’ lives and that makes me feel sort of special about my work. I get paid a good salary for the work I do and that’s important to me. I have a family to support.

Name your favorite part of the work.

I like working the early morning shifts. The people are pretty quiet and no one seems to get as cranky as they do later on in the day. I pretty much hate working night shifts on the weekend. That’s when most of the crazies decide to ride, of course.

Would you recommend this work to your friends?

I’ve told some of my friends how much I like the work and some of them have started working on other lines, so I don’t get to see them much anymore. The nice thing about the work is you’re usually home after your shift spending time with family – and I like that part.

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