January 22, 2014

Get Paid To Travel With These 14 Travel Careers

What could be better than getting paid to see the world? If traveling is on your radar, have you considered pursuing a travel career?

Most jobs allow for two weeks of vacation a year. Between visiting the in-laws and hitting the beach, there isn’t much time for anything else. Why not pursue a travel career that keeps you globe trotting all year long?

With a travel career, you can cruise across the country, criss-cross the planet, or jump from one city to the next. It all depends on the job. There are lots of travel careers to choose from that allow you to follow your dreams and make a decent living.

How do you find a travel career that appeals to your sense of adventure? Start with this list of the 14 top travel careers:

  1. Cruise Ship Worker – Want to see a different city or a new country every time you come into port? Cruise line jobs are a great way to see the world.
  2. Volunteer Abroad – This is one of the best ways to build a resume, create a network, and gain experience. Plus, you get to do some amazing and rewarding things in incredible places.
  3. Geologist – The oil and gas industry needs these hard workers to earn the big bucks and to figure out what’s underneath the Earth’s surface.
  4. Athletic Scout – If you want the best team, you have to seek out the best athletes – wherever they are located.
  5. English Teacher – Teaching English As A Second Language is great way to gain employment in a wide variety of foreign countries.
  6. Traveling Nurse – Nursing is one career that is always thriving. Now combine it with traveling and you’ve got one awesome job.
  7. Travel Writer – Can you take armchair travels to remote destinations? Can you bring amazing places to life with your choice of words? It’s a challenging job and the world is your office.
  8. Flight Attendant – Flying from airport to airport is a great way to see the world.
  9. Photographer – When you flip through a magazine and see wild photos of far flung destinations, do you ever wonder who took the photo? A travel photographer did and they got paid to do it.
  10. Peace Corp Volunteer – Landing an opportunity with the Peace Corp is a fantastic way to embrace a location, culture, and project.
  11. Tour Guide – Every traveler enjoys visiting the local tourist attractions. Those traveling hotspots need people like you to act as tour guides.
  12. Au Pair – If you love children, then find work as an au pair. Families all over the world need qualified, professional au pairs to take care of their children.
  13. Truck Driver – Roads take you just about everywhere you can imagine. Those roads are where truckers spend their working hours.
  14. Digital Nomad – This is a new, cool term for finding a job that allows you to telecommute. Lots of companies are pushing for people like you to work from destinations of your choice. Why not take advantage of this evolving trend?

If you’ve got the travel bug and you want to get out and see the world, then a travel career is ideal for you. With these travel careers, you’ll get paid to make the world your office.

A travel career is a great way to broaden your horizons, learn about different cultures, collect stamps in your passport, and make a living. Start your travel career job search today!

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