March 20, 2011

2011 Summer Job Outlook for Teens

Today is the first day of spring, so it might seem like a bit early to start thinking about summer work.

However, if you’re a teen or college student hoping to land a temporary job, you might want to start thinking about it now. According to The Courier-Journal, teen jobs this summer could, once again, be hard to find.

Nationally, the unemployment rates for teens has hovered around 25 percent, while it was much lower in years before. With so many adults out of work, employers are hiring these more experienced workers in lieu of teens and businesses are still struggling, so those that took on summer workers in the past are getting by with fewer staff members. People are also working longer, and for the first time since the 1940s, workers over 65 outnumber teen workers.

So are you a teen hoping to find summer employment? Here are some tips for landing one of these coveted positions:

  • Start applying now. It might not be summer for a few months, but the best jobs are given out early, and while you can always start today with training after school or during weekends.
  • Apply everywhere. You might not want to work in retail or find a farm job, but if this experience can be valuable, helping you land a better job next summer.
  • Even if you have no experience, you do have skills you can bring to the table. In a job interview, talk about any leader positions you’ve held with school clubs, times you’ve cared for younger siblings, responsibilities you’ve fulfilled for sports teams, and more. These things can all show that you’re a hard worker and will be a dedicated employee.
  • Show up to your interview on time and dressed to impress!
  • Follow up after the interview with an email or note thanking the person for taking time to speak to you.


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