September 17, 2014

Guess Where Archaeology Jobs Are Booming?

Archaeology is the study of the history and ancient cultures through their remains such as buildings, artifacts, architecture, landscapes, biofacts, tools, graves, coins, weapons, and even bones. This scientific study takes a look at human life and activity from a lost culture and brings it to life.

Archaeologists travel to some of the most remote regions of the world (and even underwater) in the pursuit of science. It’s absolutely incredible what archaeologists have found. Things like King David’s Palace, the Rosetta Stone, the Terracotta Army, Neanderthals, or Machu Picchu. Archaeological discoveries give us a glimpse into what lost worlds were really like. It’s fascinating.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by lost cities, ancient cultures, or missing treasures then archaeology may be your calling. Are you ready to learn more about archaeology jobs on JobMonkey?

Just a quick warning though – not every archaeologist is like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Many archaeologists are driven to find long lost treasures and legendary cities in remote locations, but most end up working for the government, colleges and universities, museums, or non-profits. They may end up researching shipwrecks, searching for grave sites and bones, making maps, analyzing artifacts in a lab, or teaching university level courses. There are all types of archaeology jobs to choose from.

Archaeology is an important scientific pursuit. It’s amazing what we can learn about history through archaeology. It can certainly be a fun-filled career for a curious adventurer. Most archaeologists go to university to earn a degree. This is a wise way to learn the ins and outs of this cool niche. Here are the top ten archaeology schools in the US according to US College Rankings.

Here’s some great news for aspiring archaeologists… according to The Great Falls Tribune, North Dakota is in the middle of an archaeology boom!

North Dakota is already a hotbed for the oil industry. Now archaeologists are required to survey the land prior to the oil companies receiving a drilling permit. This has led to North Dakota finding new historic sites where they have found duck billed dinosaur fossils, old trading posts, battlefields, and American Indian sites. Without archaeologists this could have all been lost.

From fossils to ruins, you’ll never know what you’ll find as an archaeologist. We often have archeology job listings on the job board. Stop by to start your new archaeology career today!

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