October 26, 2010

Arts Jobs with Non Profit Organizations

You don’t have to be an amazing dancer, artist, or musician to work in the arts. If you love the arts, a job with a non profit arts organization allows you to be involved in this industry without being a performer. Non-profits like the New York Philharmonic are often looking for talented workers to support their mission.

You can consider a number of arts-related jobs with non profit organizations.

  • Love education? Work with children to education them about the arts. Non profits often run summer camps, after-school programs, educational tours and other programs. There are even adult learning options in some cases.
  • Want to help the organization? Every non profit has workers who raise money to promote the goals of the organization. Whether it be organizing a donor thank you dinner or being part of a telethon team, without these workers, non profit organizations wouldn’t exist.
  • Interested in history? Historians and curators are hired by non profits to work in their informational centers and museums.
  • Are you a natural leader? Art managers are needed to organize events, balance the budget, and brainstorm new ideas to promote the organization’s goals.

If you’re interested in an arts job in the non profit sector, volunteering is a great way to fill your resume and get the recommendations you need to land a non profit job. In fact, if they have opportunities available, consider volunteering with the organization you’d love to work for some day. If you prove that you’re a hard worker as a volunteer, you’ll be the first person they consider when they have positions open for paying jobs.

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