English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Taiwan is vastly different from Japan or South Korea. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to find a job before leaving home unless you go through an established internship or volunteer program. The government has yet to make official provisions for native speakers of English wishing to teach conversational English.

Historic Taiwan Tower with Dragon and Tiger Photo

Teaching in Taiwan has long been considered more of a stopover for travelers low on pocket money than as a place in which to teach for six months or a year. Immigration laws are confusing and constantly changing, so it’s often hard to know whether you are acting within the confines of the law. Fortunately, this situation does allow for a high turnover in the English schools, so jobs can be found without too much effort, and, as a rule, they pay well. Don’t expect furnished apartments, leased cars, or paid airfare from employers in Taiwan, though, because this is not the usual destination for experienced and qualified ESL educators.

There are many advantages to working in Taiwan. In some schools you can keep your beard or long hair, and wear a t-shirt to work. You can stay for almost any amount of time, and will rarely be asked to work overtime. If you’re traveling alone through Asia, teaching in Taiwan is a great opportunity to hook up with other travelers.


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