September 30, 2010

Can You Find Summer Camp Jobs in the Winter?

Since summer has come to a close, you may think that seasonal work at summer camps can no longer be found. While it is true that most camps don’t operate year-round, there are still employees needed during the off-season. These jobs are more competitive, since there are fewer of them, but the following positions are typically open during the winter:

  • Grounds-Keeping: Summer camps need to be winterized, especially in areas that have cold, snowy winters. Many camps hire people to live on-site, with your daily tasks including caring for the landscape and buildings while they aren’t in use. Having someone living there also prevents break-ins and vandalism.
  • Animal Care: If the summer camp owns animals, like horses, these creatures need care year-round, not just during the summer when people attend camp. Some camps hire people to care for the animals at the camp while others send their animals to foster homes during the winter, paying someone (or multiple people) a fee to house and care for each animal while camp is not in session.
  • Director Positions: The camp director position is often a year-round job, as you’ll start planning next year’s program as soon as this year ends. Your workload will be lighter in the winter, but you’ll still have a job to do during colder months.

Keep in mind that not every camp is exclusively a summer camp. Some camps, especially those running sessions for adults and those found in the southern United States, have programs available throughout the year. You can get a job as a counselor, cook, camp nurse, custodian, lifeguard, or other type of camp worker throughout the year in some areas.

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