December 23, 2015

CareerBliss Releases The Happiest Companies In America For 2016

Do you want to work for one of the happiest companies in America? Of course you do. These companies are hiring people just like you for a wide variety of job openings. Why not apply for jobs with one of the happiest companies in America today?

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Being happy is important. On average, people who work full-time spend about 2,000 hours in their “office” every year. That’s nearly a quarter of your life at work. You better have a fun office!

Find One Of The Happiest Jobs Of 2015

It’s easy to find a cool employer when you know where to focus your job search. CareerBliss recently released their 6th annual list of the 50 Happiest Companies In America. This is an excellent resource for every job seeker.

To determine the happiest companies, CareerBliss analyzed thousands of company reviews “to determine the companies that create the happiest work environments.” They factored in important things like:

  • Relationship With Management and Company CEO
  • Compensation
  • Workplace Environment
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Satisfaction with Job Role
  • Overall Workplace Setting

These joyful workplaces come from a variety of industries and are located all over the United States. Heidi Golledge, Chief Happiness Officer and Cofounder of CareerBliss, says that the list is complied by judges who are “the people who work there and experience workplace happiness firsthand.” Who else is better to determine if a company is a happy place than its own employees?

Here’s who made CareerBliss’s list of the 50 Happiest Companies In America for 2016:

  1. UnitedHealthcare
  2. Amgen
  3. Novartis International AG
  4. Nokia Corporation
  5. Total Quality Logistics
  6. Texas Instruments
  7. Metropolitan Life Insurance
  8. Chevron Corporation
  9. Adobe Systems International
  10. Anthem
  11. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW)
  12. Parsons Corporation
  13. Paypal
  14. Johnson & Johnson
  15. Mars
  16. SAP AG
  17. Keller Williams Realty
  18. Google
  19. EPAM Systems
  20. Emerson Process Management
  21. Motorola
  22. Costco
  23. Genpact Limited
  24. Broadcom
  25. Nike
  26. Alcatel-Lucent
  27. Intuit, Inc.
  28. Research In Motion
  29. Merck & Co.
  30. Toyota
  31. Hilton Worldwide
  32. Qualcomm
  33. Pfizer
  34. Citigroup
  35. McAfee
  36. Symantec
  37. CBS Corporation
  38. Microsoft Corporation
  39. MindTree Limited
  40. CenturyLink
  41. United States Steel Corporation
  42. Farmers Insurance
  43. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  44. Visa
  45. CareFusion
  46. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  47. Schneider Electric
  48. Quicken Loans
  49. Cisco Systems
  50. Honeywell International

Visit CareerBliss to learn more about each company, including where they ranked last year, their bliss score on a scale from 1 to 5, employee’s average annual salary, and more information.

When you find a job with one of the happiest companies in America, you’ll feel like the luckiest person on Earth. Are you ready to focus your job search on these companies and boost your happiness levels in 2016? If so, apply for jobs with one of the happiest companies in America today.

FYI – CareerBliss isn’t the only website to create a list of the Happiest Companies. Here’s another list of happy companies that you should check out.

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