Coaching Classes

Coaching has become a hot occupation for many who are so inclined. Having talents and abilities refined enough to coach others in any field is necessary, but this can be learned through taking courses. Many different fields are looking for coaches or mentors and many pay well, too for real expertise.

Here are some areas where coaching is in great demand:

Business – Online and Offline

This may be one of the hottest areas to be a coach in – as long as you can deliver what you promise. With new businesses starting up every day – around the world – online and offline – people everywhere are looking for someone to show them how to beat the current recession and succeed in business.

For business coach training, consider:

Professional Business Coaches Alliance – offers in-class training only.

Leadership Coaching Guide from Dale Carnegie Training. This downloadable free Ebook is a great tool to help managers coach their employees to perform better.


Being a personal trainer – or one that works with groups, – is a position that is in great demand in a country where being overweight is common. People want help to know how to get back in shape – models, stars, and ordinary folk, too, are willing to pay for the help a qualified coach can give.

Life Coach

Life coaching and mentoring is another field that is rapidly becoming more in demand. There are many different forms of life coaching. Some are very specific and others work to enable people to move forward into success with life, business, personal goals, etc.

Coach Training Alliance – provides certified training courses that are also accredited. Cost is $2,797 for non-members.

Institute for Life Coach Training’s Advanced Coaching Classes – provides advanced classes for those who already have 40 hours or more of coaching training. Classes are $150 for about 4 hours.


Businesses need to know how to go from mediocre to great.

Knowing how to market their business and being able to teach and lead them is in very great demand.

Real Estate

One place that would help you get started coaching:

Coach U – Offers different certificate levels from different associations. Some classes are free and others will cost. Have some classes available online and other ones must be attended in person. Their Core Essentials Fast Track Programs is $3,995 USD if you register early – a savings of $400.

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