Comparing Traditional Learning to Online and Computer-Based Training

Traditional classroom teaching for colleges has been the norm for many centuries. As such, all other forms of education are compared to it.

Many wonder if the newer online education will be able to prove itself and endure for the duration.

Some employers and others wonder about the value of online education. The truth is that it can be just as good as traditional education. Factors that may come in to play and “cheapen” an online education could be the attitude of the student who wants an easy way to a degree or certification, a teacher who is new to the technologies behind online education (and therefore may not yet have been able to develop a quality program), or a student who is not able to give as much time as required to the course.

Obviously, many other things could enter into the picture. You need to be aware that it is your attitudes that will enable you to make the best of your education – whether online or offline.

Distance learning may actually involve more work that some traditional classes. The work will generally consist of more papers and writing than a traditional classroom. This may not be the case where you actually have to “participate” in the class by logging in. You will want to know in advance just what the assignments will be and what will be required as you take each class.

You will need to be comfortable using a computer in order to be successful with distance learning. Of course, many courses may be available in your area if you are looking for a more traditional setting and live near a college.

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