January 11, 2015

Spotlight: Casino Surveillance Jobs

Last year, global casino gaming revenue brought in over $171,000,000,000. In the US, the casino and gaming industry is estimated to be worth about $60,000,000,000. It’s an industry that grows every year.

The casino and gaming industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and attracts millions of tourists who want to try their luck at gambling games each year. It’s certainly true that some people win big in casinos, but it’s far from a get rich quick plan.

With so much money and so many people, casino security is always an issue. Often times guests or casino employees try to cheat the system so that they win big. This is why over 10,260 people are employed as gaming surveillance officers.

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Gaming surveillance officers are tasked with monitoring security for casinos. They actively watch suspect guests through high resolution audio and video equipment, two way mirrors, and on the casino floor. Their goal is to stop any potential cheaters from stealing from the casino.

To become a gaming surveillance officer, you must be have a spotless background and be unquestionably honest. It’s your job to make sure that the casino doesn’t ever lose any money.

Some of the biggest casino heists of all time are impressive, but most casino thefts are small time crimes. Armed with outstanding technology and knowledge of casino games, customers, and operations, you’ll need eagle eyes to catch every sophisticated crook or drunken fool who is trying to cheat a casino.

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Find more statistics on Casino Surveillance Jobs at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Website. Then stop by JobMonkey to start your casino job search today!

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