May 22, 2014

Learn About Diving Jobs and Employers

Do you enjoy the water? Would you be overjoyed to spend your career working on or in the water? That’s what you’ll get when you sign up to work in the dive industry. The underwater world is a wild place. It’s a mostly unexplored part of planet Earth where as a diver, you’ll get to work and play.

Dive operations are scattered all over the world. Dive operations can be broken up into two major niches – commercial and recreational. You can explore all sorts of diving jobs here.

Recreational diving allows you to work just about anywhere in the world – the Bahamas, California, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Australia, Florida, Mexico, and the list goes on. This diving niche certifies and guides people to observe colorful reefs, swim with sharks, and explore sunken shipwrecks. With recreational diving jobs, you’ll look forward to every day of work. There are dive shops in tropical and not-so-tropical locations. Most shops are actively seeking people with dive experience to work as divemasters, instructors, or underwater photographers.

Commercial diving is a lucrative field that requires divers to do things like construction, cleaning, exploration, recoveries, or drilling. It typically requires additional certifications beyond recreational diving. Employers are companies like oil industries, government, or law enforcement. Commercial diving takes you deep under the sea, into lakes and harbors, and and anywhere else where work needs to be done underwater. Finding diving jobs in this niche is a great way to make a living.

The diving industry is popular everywhere there is water. There are lots of diving jobs where you can combine your cool job with traveling. Almost all divers start their careers in the recreational diving realm. After you become certified you can often find diving jobs with companies like:

From aquariums to cruise ships to certifying organizations, there are plenty of diving jobs to choose from. To break into the diving industry, earn your certification and start to log your underwater hours. After you gain experience and certifications, it will be easy to find both commercial and recreational diving jobs.

Where will your diving adventure and career path take you? When you’re ready, visit the JobMonkey Job Board to find diving jobs. Enjoy your underwater career path. It’s sure to be a blast.

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