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Imagine working in another world, a place where you can visit, but you can’t stay forever. A world that has never been fully explored, that is full of adventure. An underwater world is where you’ll live when you have a diving job.

SCUBA Diving jobs are incredibly exhilarating! If you are bored at your cubicle, it might be the perfect escape for you. An escape where you can go anywhere there is water, from the mountain lakes of Chile, to the wreck-ridden seas of the English Channel, to the sunny tourist hubs of the Caribbean, to the isolated waters of the Galapagos Islands, or to the fresh water cenote caves of Mexico. Literally the world is your playground. Not to mention that you can make a very respectable salary doing a job that you’ll be proud to brag about – when was the last time you bragged about your cubicle?

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If you don’t know much about your future underwater career, the diving career opportunities are vast. It all depends on your underwater interests. When most people think of diving, they picture tropical islands and coral reefs, but this is only the surface of what the diving world can offer you. Your future career can go in any direction you choose – dive instructor, oil worker, treasure hunter, hazmat diver, underwater photographer – and that just scratches the surface. Whichever option you choose to pursue, it will bring you a welcomed lifestyle.

You may want to get nose to nose with Nemo on a coral reef.

Study the mating patterns of Humpback Whales – Explore places man has never seen in Antarctica – Search for lost ships that sunk centuries ago – Blow stuff up underwater – Go diving with sharks in Australia or South Africa – Supply oil to millions of people by welding a broken oil derrick back together – Film the next underwater Hollywood thriller – Teach people about conservation of the seas – You may just want to take vacation goers on undersea adventures.

The opportunities are limitless. How about working at a beach resort as a dive instructor? Or for a cruise line?

Diving jobs offer you the opportunity to travel, make money, enjoy what you do, and smile everyday. Wherever there is water to explore, SCUBA divers can find work. If this sounds like how you want to spend a year off, or possibly the rest of your life – Let the adventure begin!

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How to Become a Diver

Diving is a hobby enjoyed by many. Learn how to turn it into a career by following the links below.

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Commercial Opportunities

Commercial diving is a niche sector but employs many people with the right diving experience. Find out more below.

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Types of Diving

There are many types of diving careers to pursue. Find the one that interests you most by visiting the links below.

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Diving Certifications

To become a professional diver in any capacity, you will need to get several certifications. Find out more below.

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Diving Organizations

Consider joining a diving organization to increase your chances of finding your dream diving job.

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Diving Jobs

There are many diving jobs to pursue. Follow these links to discover your options.

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