May 1, 2016

What You Should Eat Before A Job Interview If You Want To Get Hired

You are what you eat. Everyone needs to eat a healthy and balanced diet to ensure they get the right nutrients. It might surprise you, but what you eat will directly affect your performance at work, at a job interview, or anywhere else.

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Now that your resume and cover letter landing you the job interview, all you have to do is impress the hiring manager. You better have the proper fuel in your body to ensure you’re performing at 110%. The right diet will help your brain focus, boost your awareness, calm your nerves, and help you feel confident. Sounds pretty good, right?

Make A Great First Impression At Your Next Job Interview

We stumbled upon an infographic titled “What Should You Eat Before A Job Interview?” on It piqued our curiosity and we wanted to share with you what we learned.

Here’s what you should eat before a job interview:

  • Fatty Acids (Omega 3) – These fats are found in salmon, eggs, flaxseed, kale, and cod liver oil. They build brain and cell membranes. Their benefits include improved mood, fighting depression and dementia, and improved memory and focus.
  • B Vitamins – B vitamins are found in eggs, peas, meat, broccoli, and spinach. B Vitamins produce mood boosting serotonin, dopamine, and GABA for “mental well being.” The benefits include preventing anxiety and low self esteem, preventing insomnia, and increasing energy and motivation.
  • Wholegrains – Wholegrains are found in brown cereals, brown pasta, and granary bread. They release glucose over time that allows the brain to function at full capacity. The benefits include increased concentration, focus, and mental alertness.
  • Coffee (In Moderation) – The caffeine in coffee produces adrenaline and dopamine which gives you a short boost of energy. After twenty minutes, coffee can increase alertness and concentration, decrease tiredness, and sharpen vision. Be careful though. Coffee wears off after a few hours and you’ll crash. Plus it can make you go to the bathroom.

Eat a well rounded breakfast before you head to a job interview. It will make a difference and it could even be the edge you need to beat out the competition. Always allow time for proper digestion. Avoid stinky foods. Don’t drink too much water or coffee – you don’t want to have to go to the bathroom mid-interview.

Be sure to check out the full infographic on to read about the foods you absolutely must avoid and a few meals they recommend.

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