November 4, 2017

Do You Want To Find A Job In Human Resources?

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you’ve dealt with someone in HR. Human Resources is an essential department at every business. The HR team works behind the scenes to ensure that every company runs smoothly. These employment experts oversee the recruiting, administration, and training aspects of a business. It’s a cool niche to work in.

Recruiter building a pyramid with small blue blocks

Do you want to find a job in Human Resources? Working in HR is a rewarding career path. Depending on the size of the company, HR workers may be highly specialized or they may be a jack-of-all-trades. As a job seeker, you’re likely familiar with many of the roles of HR, but let’s take a closer look.

If you find a job in Human Resources, you might spend your day:

  • Writing Job Advertisements
  • Posting Job Openings On Job Boards
  • Developing A Talent Pipeline
  • Recruiting On Social Media
  • Reviewing Job Applications
  • Reading Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Screening Job Candidates
  • Conducting Job Interviews
  • Organizing Onboarding Sessions
  • Developing Training Programs
  • Sending Job Offers
  • Attending Networking Events
  • Entering Employment Data
  • Managing Compensation Packages
  • Focusing On Employee Satisfaction
  • Monitoring Employee Retention Rates
  • Dealing With Employee Problems
  • Focusing On Company Culture
  • Administering Benefits And Perks
  • And The List Goes On…

As you can see HR pros do many different things. It’s a job where listening, decision making, and attention to detail are key skills to have. Most people who find a job in Human Resources have a university level degree in Human Resources, marketing, business, or a related field. According to the, HR Specialists make a median pay of $59,180 per year  or $28.45 per hour. That’s not a bad paycheck for taking care of business.

Since every company needs HR pros, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue. You can learn more about the world of HR on JobMonkey’s Employer Insights Guide. Or you can search and apply for a job in Human Resources with a wide variety of companies on the JobMonkeyJobCenter. Good luck!

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