13 Elements Of Compelling Job Advertisements

Do you want to hire top talent? Hiring the best of the best starts with learning how to write compelling job advertisements.

Hiring manager writing a job advertisement

Job advertisements are essentially your first interaction with a job seeker. A quality job ad will grab the job seeker’s attention, give them the pertinent information about the job, and convince them to apply for the position. It sounds simple, but it’s actually quite hard to master the skill of writing compelling job advertisements.

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According to HeadwayCapital.com, a job seeker only spends an average of 49.7 seconds reading a job ad. That’s not a lot of time to capture a job seeker’s attention and get them to apply. As an HR pro, it’s your job to nail the job ad. Are you ready to that?

While there is no exact formula for writing compelling job advertisements, there are certain elements that every job ad needs to include:

  1. Job Title – Keep the job title simple and straightforward.
  2. Location – Tell readers where they will be working.
  3. Keywords – The right keywords will catch the eye of job seekers and will also make it easier for job seekers to find your job listings via search engines and job boards.
  4. Job Description – Describe the daily responsibilities of the job.
  5. Company Description – Give a brief description of the company.
  6. Requirements – Describe the perfect job candidate’s experience, certifications, skill sets, etc.
  7. Salary & Benefits – Overall compensation is a major factor that job seekers consider.
  8. Additional Information – Is there any other need-to-know information that might influence a job seeker’s decision?
  9. Timeframe – List any application deadlines, start dates, end dates, or other important dates and times.
  10. Contact Details – Let people know who posted the job and how they can request more information.
  11. Directions On How To Apply – A job ad is worthless unless the job seeker knows what to do next. Be specific.
  12. Links – It’s the job seeker’s responsibility to do their research, but a few helpful links can provide them with additional info.
  13. Videos/Photos – If you’re using an online platform, like the JobMonkey JobCenter, videos and photos are a fantastic way to tell the story of your brand, company, and job openings.

Ideally a compelling job advertisement will be short and sweet. Strive to be accurate and detailed to ensure that you provide the right info to the job seeker. Some simple design work with bullet points and headings can make it easier to read the information. And as always, remember to proofread.

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The goal of writing compelling job advertisements is to convince job seekers to apply. Do your best to ensure that you include all of the above elements so that you can paint a picture of the job and attract top talent. When you nail the job ad, you’ll be impressed with the results.

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