September 2, 2010

Five Tips to Finding a Teaching Job

Today’s job market is tough, making it difficult to get any industry, even teaching. If you’ve recently graduated from an education program and are having trouble finding a job, you’re not alone.

Here are five tips you can use to find a teaching job and get hired:

Tip #1: Look the part. Many schools don’t limit you by asking employees to cover tattoos or cut long hair (for guys), but these things might work against you in a job interview. Individuality is cool, but there’s a time and a place for it. To get hired in a teaching position, make sure you look like a clean-cut role model.

Tip #2: Network with teachers. During your time in college, you probably worked with at least too or three teachers as a student-teacher. Now’s the time to email or call them for some help. Often, teachers hear about positions before they’re posted, so make it known to them that you’re job hunting and would appreciate leads.

Tip #3: Get an advanced degree. While you can start working as a teacher with just a bachelor’s degree, getting your master’s degree in education or your specific field definitely gives you the edge on other candidates. As a bonus, while you’re getting your master’s degree, you can also have you student loans deferred, so you don’t have to repay them until after you graduate.

Tip #4: Be location-flexible. Jobs are always more plentiful in certain areas than in other areas. In general, inner city schools need teachers more often, so by being flexible with your location can help you find a job. For a few years, you might have to travel to get to work or live outside of your preferred area, but this experience makes it easier to find the job you want in the future. Don’t forget that you can also apply to online schools to be a virtual teacher.

Tip #5: Build your resume. Just because you’re not working as a teacher doesn’t mean that you can’t build your resume. Volunteer at after-school programs in your area, sign up for local substitution lists, or become a private tutor. The stronger your resume, the easier it is to find a job as a teacher.

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