Master’s Degree in Education

Overall, a master’s degree in education is deemed to be a smart career choice. Teachers may have no option and be required to complete a master’s degree program for certification.

Some schools only offer five year education programs that culminate in earning a master’s degree. However, even if it is optional, a master’s degree has several distinct benefits.

First of all, it leads to higher pay. The average teacher with a master’s degree earns US$200 a week more than a teacher with a bachelor’s degree according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If a teacher was to invest the initial cost of a master’s degree at a rate of 5% interest it would total US$51,000 in thirty years according to However, if a teacher was to invest the extra earnings from the pay increase with a master’s degree at the same rate of return, the total would be US$221,000. Furthermore, many schools provide their teachers with tuition reimbursement for master’s courses. Therefore, a master’s degree is a wise financial investment.

Also, a master’s degree can provide teachers with increased job opportunities. While a standard master’s in education degree may not allow for advancement, other options allow for future career changes if desired. A master’s degree in education administration is earned by many classroom teachers even if they do not immediately plan on becoming a schools administrator because of the options it offers. Other programs like ESL, special education, gifted and talented, literacy, technology, curriculum and leadership master’s programs allow for increased certification and job opportunities also. A master’s degree can also be enough to qualify a teacher to instruct post-secondary classes.

Furthermore, a master’s degree can be an intrinsically rewarding experience for an educator. New skills are learned that will lead to a better teaching style. The program will offer new methods to immediately apply to an active teacher’s classroom. A more complex understanding of educational history, theory, and psychology will be gained.

Ultimately, the greatest benefit should be the education received by the students of a teacher with a master’s degree.

There are many online programs that make earning a master’s degree easy for working professionals. In addition, many programs offer a mix of traditional classes and online opportunities. The time it takes to complete the program varies depending upon the teacher’s schedule and commitment. Programs can be completed in as little as one year. The average time to complete an online program is two years.

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