October 5, 2010

From Hobby to Job – Getting a “Jobbie”

Have you heard the term “jobbie” in your job-hunting travels? Basically, a jobbie is a hobby that you’ve turned into a job.

The thought behind this is that you’ll not only enjoy going to work every morning if you get a jobbie, but you’ll also do a better job, since you’ll be more passionate about your career.

Almost any hobby can become a job in some way. Think outside of the box! For example, do you enjoy horseback riding? Maybe the perfect jobbie for you could be to work at a horse stable. Or, let’s say you enjoy white river rafting. The perfect jobbie for you might be to become a certified river guide. Jobbies can also lead to you owning your own business. If you’ve always loved baking, you could open your own cake decorating shop, for instance.

Another popular route you might want to consider is working as a blogger in the niche that most interests you. This also requires skill as either a writer or videographer, depending on the type of blog you want to run, but it can become a jobbie regardless of your passion. Let’s say you love volunteering at your church – you could earn money by starting a religious blog. Or, let’s say you love horror movies. You could start your own entertainment blog.

If you do decide to go the blog route, make sure you do some research on monetization skills before you start. It isn’t as easy as writing posts or creating videos, updating your blog, and watching the money roll in. In fact, most bloggers make more profit by selling products than they do through advertising. Think about ebooks, videos, courses, and other information products that relate to your hobby.

Making money doing what you love can help you be happier and more fulfilled. Any job will be hard work along the way, but getting a “jobbie” can actually help you be excited to get to the office every morning.

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