May 20, 2017

10 Things To Do When You’re Fun-Employed

Are you currently unemployed? For the majority of people being unemployed is not a good thing. But other people embrace the unemployed lifestyle and make the most of it. These people are fun-employed and it’s an interesting approach the unemployment problem.

Carefree man enjoying the fun-employed life

People who are fun-employed have a carefree, laid back attitude toward the idea of not having a job. Instead of dwelling on the fact that they are unemployed, they take advantage of this time to do things that they can’t do while working.

When you’re fun-employed, you have all the free time in the world. If you’ve budgeted accordingly, fun-employment is the ultimate form of freedom. You’ll have fewer obligations and more opportunities to pursue things that you enjoy.

If you find yourself without a job, it’s okay to embrace the fun-employed mentality for a bit. Here are ideas of things to do when you’re fun-employed:

  1. Go on an outdoor adventure
  2. Volunteer with a non-profit
  3. Start your side project
  4. Spend time with friends and family
  5. Earn a certification
  6. Go back to school
  7. Tap into the shared economy
  8. Start a blog
  9. Exercise and get in shape
  10. Travel

Unfortunately, fun-employment can’t last forever. Just because you are fun-employed, it doesn’t meant that you aren’t shopping for a job. It just means that you’re making the most of the time that you are given. Fun-employment is not a total free-for-all either. You still need to be financially responsible and plan for the future, but you can take a bit of “you” time to improve yourself. Of course, if you’re in desperate need 0f paycheck to make ends meet, fun-employment is NOT for you.

Whether you’re starting the job search from scratch or killing time between seasonal jobs, fun-employment is an amazing opportunity. It’s up to you to enjoy the life that you are given. If you find that you’re unemployed, take a bit of time for yourself to do the things that you love you to do. It’s like a mini vacation that will allow you to refresh, refocus, and relax a bit before diving back into the job search. As long as you do something productive with your time, it’s easy to explain this short employment gap to any potential employers.

Right now, it’s time to embrace your current situation. Then, when you’re ready to find a job, the JobMonkey JobCenter is an excellent way to find cool and seasonal jobs that you’ll enjoy. Until then, enjoy your fun-employment.

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