April 17, 2016

Futurists Predict The Hottest Jobs Of The Future

The world is constantly changing. It’s a very different place today than it was when we were children. While no one can truly predict the future, there are some jobs that have a brighter future than others.

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Do you have a 5 year plan? A 10 year plan? A 20 year plan? It’s always wise to set yourself up for the future. Why don’t you pick a career that’s going to in demand in the future? Maybe robotics? 3-D printing? Genetics counseling? Shared economy? What jobs do think will be in-demand in the future? A futurist might know.

We found an article from FastCompany.com that looks at the jobs of the future. They consulted with three different futurists to find out the hottest jobs of 2025. Futurists are paid to forecast the future based on current and predicted trends. Most people think of health care, technology, or energy as paving the way of the future, but FastCompany create a different sort of list.

The article suggests that “some of the hottest jobs of today could be obsolete by 2025.” Instead these are going to be the hottest jobs of the future:

  • Personal Worker Brand Coaches and Managers
  • Professional Triber
  • Freelance Professors
  • Urban Farmers
  • End Of Life Planner
  • Senior Carer
  • Remote Health Care Specialist
  • Neuro-Implant Technicians 
  • Smart Home Handyperson
  • Virtual Reality Experience Designer
  • Sex Worker Coach
  • 3-D Printer Design Specialist 

The above projections of hot jobs for the future came directly from FastCompany.com’s article, “The Top Jobs In 10 Years Might Not Be What You Expect.” Read the article to learn about these jobs and what they entail. Maybe one is perfect for you.

Another safe plan for the future is to look at a list of the Fastest Growing Professions In The United States. These careers seem to outpace the rest of the professional world and are projected by the BLS to be in demand.

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