July 12, 2014

The Highest Paying College Majors

Are you thinking about going back to school? It’s a great way to build your resume, hone your skills, learn about a specific niche, and make you more employable. Education is always recommended if you what to expand your horizons – especially if you want to pursue your passions and make yourself an asset to the workforce.

If you’re going back to school, why not pursue one of the highest paying college majors?

According to a post on The Work Buzz, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the Class of 2012 has an average salary of $44,442. The survey covered all of the majors, but here are some of the highest paying college majors and degrees:

  • Business: Economics – $54,800 (Common Jobs: Accountant, Financial Manager, Banker)
  • Communications: Advertising – $44,700 (Common Jobs: Advertising Manager, Author)
  • Computer Sciences: Computer Science – $58,300 (Common Jobs: Computer Programmer, Teacher)
  • Education: Special Education – $42,200 (Common Jobs: Elementary Teacher, Coach)
  • Engineering: Computer Engineering – $67,800 (Common Jobs: Software Engineer)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Political Science – $38,400 – (Common Jobs: Social Worker, Paralegal)
  • Sciences: Construction Science – $54,700 (Common Jobs: Civil Engineer, Construction Manager)

It’s not always the best decision to choose a career based on how much your paychecks will be, but it can be a driving factor. If you’re thinking about heading back to school to increase your employability, use this report to help you make decisions that are best for you.

It’s okay to take a dip in pay if you love what you’re doing. See what options are out there on the JobMonkey Job Board.

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