March 9, 2009

In the News: Enrollment Up in Tech Ed Programs

If you are a high school senior, you are probably freaking out a little bit right now. College tuition is skyrocketing; your parents’ ability to pay for college may be significantly diminished; and who whether you will even be able to find a job when you graduate.

These concerns seem to be pretty wide spread, according to this recent article from the Virginia Times Dispatch.

And they are motivating a lot of high school students (and college graduated career-changers, for that matter) to pursue technical education.

What are the benefits of a two-year (or less) vocational-technical training program over a traditional four-year degree? The time commitment is far shorter, the tuition is significantly cheaper, and the fields you study tend to pursue readily employable.

In other words, if you pick the right program, you will have a job waiting for you when you finish — in a career that is relatively recession-proof. A major plus given the current economic situation. Plus, as one young woman interviewed for the story pointed out, if you still want to pursue a four-year degree but need to pay for it yourself, these training programs give you access to well-paying jobs in the meantime.

So, just what are these magical, recession-proof fields? According to the article, some of them include:

– Auto and truck mechanic
– Cosmetologist
Professional chef
– Electrician

Do you want to learn more about being a diesel mechanic or professional chef? Follow the above links to the JobMonkey section on that topic.

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