April 19, 2017

Tips and Tricks To Deal With Job Search Depression

Don’t let the job search be a downer. We’ve all been through the rigorous task of searching for a job. It isn’t fun. In fact, it can be soul crushing. Whatever happens, don’t let your job search get you down.

The unpredictability of an extended job search can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Frustration, stress, lack of motivation, sleeplessness, increased anxiety, and an overall bad attitude can all lead to job search depression. Job search depression is something you want to avoid at all costs.

It’s up to you to overcome these factors, hold your head high, and stay focused. Your mental attitude is a major component in your job search success. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you deal with job search depression:150401 - unwritten job search rulesiStock_000014588564XSmall

  • Don’t take it personally. – Everyone searches for a job at some point. Even if you feel like you’re constantly rejected, you can’t take it personally.
  • Learn from it. – Whether you made a mistake, got rejected, or something else, learn from it. There is always a bright side and a positive take away from something that seems bad.
  • Establish a routine. – Don’t sleep late and slouch around. Stay focused. Be efficient. Schedule time for networking, resumes, cover letters, job searching, etc. Treat your job search like a full time job.
  • Get Creative. – It’s time to think outside of the box. Make yourself stand out. Build your web presence. Tap into the hidden job market. Use your time wisely.
  • Network more. – When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to stay home and turn on the television or surf the Web. Don’t do it. Go out and network more. Life’s all about who you know, so get to know more people.
  • Remember that you’re not alone. – There are other people going through the exact same thing as you. Reach out to them. Help them out. Maybe they’ll be able to help you too.
  • Reassess. – Take a good look at your resume and skill set. Do they match your job search? If you’re holding out for a management position at a Fortune 500 company, but you’ve only ever worked as a raft guide, it’s time to reassess. Set yourself up for success. Figure out what you need to do to get where you want to go.
  • Be adaptable. – Do you need to expand your job search? Is relocating a possibility? Can you work nights? Adapt to the job market and it will open up more opportunities.
  • Reward your victories. – Landing a job interview, getting a call back, earning a certification, or expanding your network are all positive steps in the right direction. Sure they don’t necessarily guarantee you’ll land a job, but you’re doing the right thing. Reward yourself.
  • Laugh and smile. – It’s proven that laughter and smiling are linked to confidence, happiness, and success. All things you need in your life. Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of smiling?

Your job search is entirely in your hands. If you’re determined and motivated you will successfully find a job. It might be a rocky road to get there, but stay positive and you’ll be gainfully employed in no time.

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Best of luck!

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