July 22, 2010

Worried about Job Security? Work for One of These Companies

In today’s job market, even the most qualified employees are getting laid off, since companies have to cut costs.

Job security is a major issue, and something you should take into consideration when looking for a new job. You don’t want to leave your current job for a better job only to be laid off in a few months.

JobMonkey has a great page featuring companies offering job security. Many of these employers hire workers nation-wide, and their commitment to employees allows you to feel more at-ease when applying to any open position. Some of the companies that have made the list include the grocery store chain Nugget Market and retail store chain The Container Store. Even stock market company Scottrade made this list, proving that companies in almost any industry can avoid layoffs with innovative business plans and salary compromises.

Some industries are just generally more stable than others, however. If job security is one of your top priorities include the following:

  • Healthcare: With an aging population and medical advances, working in healthcare makes a lot of sense if you’re interested in job security. People will always need doctors, nurses, and other health-related workers to help them stay well, even when the economy dips and people have less money.
  • Technology: Technology is a field that’s rapidly growing, so working in this field provides a lot of job security for workers. Even if you get laid off, with an education in this field, you can easily find another job.
  • Environmental: Companies around the world are interested in finding more eco-friendly solutions to creating their products or providing their services, so if you’re educated in this field, you can find jobs no matter where you want to live.

Remember, job security is also about being a good employee. The concept of “first hired, first fired” isn’t necessarily the rule anymore, since employers need the most value for their money. Make an effort to be the best employee you can be, so that if your employer does have to make tough decisions about which workers to lay off, your name won’t even come up on the list of possibilities.

Be an employee that your boss can’t do without, and you won’t have to worry about being laid off, even during budget cuts. This may require you to work outside of your job description, but the extra effort is worth not worrying about losing your job.

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