Companies With Fewest Layoffs

In this day of job insecurity, when people and friends you know are being laid off, you want to know that you have a good degree of job security. Fortunately, there are some companies that can provide such security if you are looking for a new job. Here are some of the best companies to work based on having never laid anyone off.

Not many companies can say that they have endured over time and never give anyone a termination notice. These companies are well worth considering as you look for a new job or career.

SAS – This software company is at the top of Fortune‘s 2009 Best 100 Companies to Work for List. Even into 2010, they have never laid off a single employee. They did have to initiate pay freezes and some other measures to counter the economic problems seen recently.

Nugget Market – This grocery store chain has been operating for 81 years. When things have gotten a little rough, they simply do not replace employees who leave. They also have been known to use employees from one store in another one that is nearby. The Nugget Market ranks #10 on Fortune‘s list of Best Companies.

Devon Energy – Here is another place that has never had to give a pink slip to anyone because of the economy. To avoid doing this they have simply reduced their spending budget and simplified things to retain all of their employees. They are now in the process of downsizing their assets, however, and it may lead to their first layoff. It ranks #13 on Fortune‘s list.

AFLAC – It has long held to the policy of taking care of their employees. They also offer some great programs for their employees such as telecommuting and flex schedules. They also listen to the ideas of their employees, too. AFLAC ranks #26 on Fortune‘s Best Companies List.

QuikTrip – This convenience store chain enjoys putting profits into the hands of the shareholders. This best business has a policy that any expenditures that do not benefit the customers or the employees are rejected. The company is #27 on the list of 2009 Best Companies.

The Container Store – Instead of downsizing in profit like everyone else, it actually saw some higher profit levels than what it had in 2007. It even added 70 new employees and opened four new stores. If you’re looking for a retail job then consider that Container Store is ranked #32, and provides lots of training for its employees – an average of 241 hours per year.

Scottrade – This stock market company surprisingly was able to hold on to their own even after the stock market ran into serious problems a while back. Although they gave smaller bonuses, their conservative growth policy enabled them to keep going with everyone on board. They care about their employees. The company ranks #60 on Fortune‘s Best Company List.

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