December 28, 2015

The Best Jobs For Traveling Around The World

Do you daydream of traveling around the world? Do you long to visit the exotic locales that pop up on social media? Are you keen to drop everything, buy a plane ticket and go? You’re not alone.

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Travel is the ultimate adventure. It allows you to see how the world works and to experience everything that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, traveling is expensive and you most likely need a job to sustain your travel habit. Luckily, we know of a few jobs that will pay you to travel the world.

What You Need To Know About Work Visas

These are the best jobs for traveling around the world:

  • Teach English As A Second Language – ESL jobs are an excellent way to get a job in a foreign country and to experience that country’s culture.
  • Government Jobs – The US government is one of the largest employers of Americans abroad. They have embassies, bases, consulates, and other opportunities in nearly every country in the world.
  • Flight Attendant – Flight attendants are constantly on the go. They see a new city regularly and get to see the sights during any layovers.
  • WWOOFers – WWOOF, or World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms, allows people like you to volunteer in exchange for room/board on organic farms in over 100 countries.
  • Cruise Ship – Cruise ships travel from port to port and the shipboard staff gets to experience each and every place the cruise ship stops.
  • Au Pair – If you’re a kid-expert become an au pair who works for a family and cares for the family’s children in a foreign country.
  • Ski Instructor/Surf Instructor/Scuba Instructor – Are you ready to chase the seasons in pursuit of your favorite sport? Qualified sports instructors can often find jobs all over the world teaching their trade.
  • Blogger – Build your online presence and focus on your niche. You can easily make money online as a blogger if you can grow your audience.
  • Resort Jobs – Worldwide hotel chains are an amazing way to find work abroad. These name brand companies are established in major cities and luxury locales across the globe.
  • Website Design/Development – If you’re a web expert, you can ply your trade from just about anywhere – as long as you have internet access.
  • Travel Photographer – Do you have a talent with a camera? Capture your experiences on camera and you can get paid to see the world.
  • Athletic Recruiter – The world’s best athletes are scattered around the globe. As an athletic recruiter, it’s your job to travel the world and find the next big talent.
  • Traveling Nurse – Nurses are always in demand. Earn your nursing degree and you can find a job just about anywhere.
  • YouTube Star – Can you create entertaining videos? Upload YouTube videos, build your following, and make big bucks.
  • Day Trader – Trading stocks is not an easy job and it ties you to the markets, but you can do it from anywhere if you have Internet.
  • Property Caretaker – People need a trustworthy person to care for their properties. Find a caretaker job and you can live and work just about anywhere.
  • Telecommuting – Telecommuting is a growing trend with many businesses. Convince your boss to let you telecommute from your current job and you’ll be able to travel more.
  • Travel Writer – If you are a wordsmith, write about your travel experiences. Sell your stories to magazines, build a blog, or write a book.
  • Freelancer – The world of freelancing is appealing because of the freedom and flexibility that it offers.
  • Roadie – If you’re a music fan, join a band and help them on their world tour.

Are there other jobs that allow you to travel? Of course. But these are some of the best jobs for traveling around the world.

If your daydreams are filled with bustling cities, deserted beaches, rugged mountains, and unique and worldly people, then find one of these jobs. They are total life changers. Start your search for the best jobs for traveling around the world on the JobMonkey JobCenter today.

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