Work as a Property Caretaker

There are plenty of large homes and expansive properties around the world. The owners of these properties don’t want these places to sit empty for extended periods of time. That’s why the owners hire a caretaker.

Caretakers oversee and manage properties and real estate. Caretakers are essentially a property manager, handyman, landscaper, house sitter, and personal assistant all rolled into one. There are caretaker job opportunities at bed & breakfasts, beachfront villas, historic homes, mountain mansions, expansive ranches, large apartment complexes, and even private islands. These property owners actively seek trustworthy, responsible, and handy people to work as caretakers to manage their properties when they are not around.

Every caretaker job is unique. The job depends on the location, the owner, and the property. A caretaker may mow lawns, build fences, trim bushes, clean pools, feed horses, walk dogs, plow snow, check pipes, remove trash, clean property, greet guests, buy food, fix things, paint docks, schedule workers, pick up clients, or any number of things. None of these simple tasks can be overlooked.

Property Caretaker watches over Miami Waterfront Mansion

The beauty of a caretaker job is that it offers flexible hours so that caretakers can enjoy their surroundings – cities, countryside, mountains, beaches – as long as the jobs are completed in a timely manner. There are no strict deadlines and absolutely no commute, unless you count strolling down the beach from the guest cottage to the house. Being a caretaker is certainly not the typical 9 to 5 office job.

Often times clients look to hire individuals or couples to live-in and manage their properties. They offer short-term and long-term job opportunities. Caretaker jobs do not require any formal training, licenses, or education. The job almost always provides room and board in nice accommodations. Plus, being a caretaker is a great way to travel the world. It may sound like a vacation, but it is most certainly a job. Caretakers are basically on-call at all times. If the client or his friends are coming for a visit at the last minute, the property needs to be ready.

To become a caretaker, try to find caretaker jobs in your area. This builds your references, experience, and resume. Second homeowners, vacationing expats, and absentee owners don’t want to open their home and personal possessions to someone who isn’t trustworthy, loyal, responsible, and honest. A reference can go a long ways for a caretaker.

You can find caretaker jobs in high-end magazine ads or through caretaker and property owner matching sites. One well known resource is the Caretaker Gazette, a website and newsletter that matches caretakers with property owners. When you find a job, be sure to read the fine print as every caretaker job is different and unique. You might work at a stunning villa on a remote Caribbean island for a summer or you may tend to the cat at historic castle in the United Kingdom for a few weeks. Every owner needs something different.

Besides traveling the world, having free room and board, and enjoying luxurious properties, you also get paid to be a caretaker. Pay varies drastically for each caretaker job. For some caretaker jobs, you may make $10 per hour. High-end caretakers may make $150,000 per year. Some earn $10,000 per month plus other perks. On average, a caretaker will make $60,000 per year plus free accommodations.

If you can find a caretaker job, do it. It’s a highly recommended way to spend a year or a lifetime. Where will you apply for a caretaker job? Jamaica? Idaho? Tanzania? Australia? Switzerland? Virgin Islands? California? Hawaii? England? Alaska? Mexico? There are caretaker opportunities all over the world. Apply today and enjoy!

Quick Facts About Property Caretakers

Job Title: Caretaker aka Estate Manager aka Property Caretaker
Office: Someone Else’s Home or Property
Description: Oversee and manage property
Certifications/Education: None required
Necessary Skills: Trustworthy, Loyal, Honest, Responsible
Potential Employers: Property Owners
Pay: $10 an hour to $150,000 per year

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