January 28, 2018

25 Lists That Every Job Seeker Needs To Make

Lists are a fantastic way to stay organized, motivated, and focused. As a job seeker, lists are an ideal way to keep your job search on track. With the right lists in front of you, you’ll be one step closer to landing a job. Below you’ll find 25 lists that every job seeker needs to make.

Job Seeker making a list and wondering what to add

Lists will help you to prioritize the things that are important in your job search and in your life. They can help to organize your thoughts, goals & objectives, deadlines, and anything else that you want. We stumbled up two different posts from TheMuse.com and ArtJournalist.com about useful lists of lists that inspired this post. After reading this post, we hope to inspire you to make useful lists that will keep your eyes on the prize.

What Are Your Long Term Career Goals?

Here is a selection of lists that every job seeker needs to make. Try to create each of the following lists if you want to find a job. Which list will you make first?

  1. Companies You Want To Work For
  2. Side Gigs That You Enjoy
  3. People You Want To Meet
  4. Jobs That You Are Realistically Qualified For
  5. Places You Can Network
  6. Goals For This Week/Month/Year
  7. Career Bucket List
  8. Words That Describe You
  9. Places You Want To Travel To
  10. Entrepreneurial Ideas
  11. Quotes That Inspire You
  12. Things That Make You Happy
  13. Your Dream Jobs (And What You Need To Do To Land One)
  14. Top Choices For References
  15. Things You Need to Do To Land A Job
  16. Proudest Accomplishments/Talents/Strengths
  17. Websites Where You Can Find Job Search Advice
  18. Questions To Ask At Interviews
  19. Reasons Why You Need/Want A Job
  20. Where Do You Want To Live
  21. Things You Are Passionate About
  22. Things You Would Do If You Had More Time
  23. A To-Do List
  24. Things You Want To Try
  25. Things You Like & Things You Dislike About Jobs You’ve Had

As you can see these simple lists will help you to prioritize and organize your job search. Take the time to create each of these lists and use them as tick lists that will help you find a job.

The Job Seeker’s Reading List

One helpful tip – once you create these lists, hang them in places where you see them every single day. This will remind you of the things that you want to accomplish.

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