June 4, 2015

Find The Best Movie Industry Job For You

Lights, Cameras, Action! Are you a film fanatic? Why not search for a job in the movie industry?

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The movie industry is an excellent and exciting place to find cool jobs. Next time you watch a film pay attention to the credits. Every time the credits start to roll, it’s amazing how many people and job titles are listed. There are tons of individuals involved in creating a single film, hollywood hit, documentary, reality tv show, television series, or even commercial. Can you even keep track of all of the job titles?

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You don’t have to be a world class actor or a big name producer to find a job in the movie industry. There are plenty of talented people who work behind the scenes to make movie magic. Here are a handful of movie industry jobs that every production requires:

Did one of this movie jobs catch your eye? Read job descriptions for some of these cool jobs on JobMonkey’s Film and Music Industry Guide. Almost all of these roles also have at least one or two assistants or interns too. Being an assistant is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door of this competitive industry.

Not sure which movie industry job is right for you? This helpful flowchart from Mic.com will help you determine the best movie industry job for you. (I guess I should be a screenwriter!)

When you are ready to start your movie industry job search, check out these cool film, television, and movie employers:

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