More Photography Careers

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography refers to taking a photo of a person. The market for portrait photography is actually quite large. Several different professions hire portrait photographers: models often employ portrait photographers for headshots; corporations may hire portrait photographers to create employee portraits for online and print publications. Portrait photographers often operate out of their own studios. As with other careers in photography, some have successfully turned their portrait work into artistically lauded fine arts careers.

Movie Stills Photography

There is plenty of work for movie stills photographers. This job entails working on set and behind the scenes during movie productions to capture films stills that will be used for publicity. Movie stills photographers work for a few days, up to a couple of weeks, to capture their images before sending their images to the appropriate persons for approval. This work is done on a freelance basis and is often commissioned by public relations agents, producers or distributors. Visit the jobs in film section of JobMonkey for industry information.

Glamour Photography

Not to be confused with fashion photography, glamour photography involves photographing men and women in a provoking, sometimes sexually alluring, manner. Glamour photographers can make a great career out of publishing calendars: the most famous of which is the Pirelli Calendar. Glamour photographers can also publish their work in men’s magazines like GQ, Maxim and Esquire.

Nature Photography

Nature photographers photograph the outdoors, which can often include wildlife photography and landscape photography. Animal conservation groups, zoos and national parks employ nature photographers for their ability to capture nature as it (normally) is without human interruption. Similarly, wildlife photographers capture animals in action. In addition to potential staff work, nature and wildlife photographers may publish their editorial work in magazines or books, and they might also exhibit these images in fine arts galleries or museums.

Landscape Photography

This type of photography is often alternately practiced by architectural and travel photographers. There is no concrete definition for landscape photography, though the consensus is that it includes photographing landscapes that are free of human (and sometimes animal) interruption. Environmental companies and national parks employ landscape photographers. They publish their work in editorial publications like National Geographic and they may exhibit their photographs as fine works of art in galleries and museums.

Scientific Photography

Scientific photography is a vibrant and diverse career field. Scientific photographers use a variety of specialty equipment and practices, ranging from macro- and micro-photography, thermal, time-lapse and infrared technologies. They help to provide crucial visual analysis to researchers and scientists from many different fields. Scientists, researchers and universities typically employ scientific photographers.

Assistant Photography

This is an entry-level job and the particulars of the duties performed often depend on what kind of studio the assistant photographer works at. The assistant photographer may be involved with setting up and breaking down sets, scouting locations, setting up lighting and completing administrative tasks for the studio. Assistant photographers have the benefit of working alongside models, agents, clients, buyers and other industry professionals.

Maternity/Baby Photography

Portray the gift of life and create albums for mothers and fathers to be. This type of photography can be very artistic in nature and aesthetically beautiful. Personal clients who wish to have document their pregnancy and births using professionals employ photographers like these. They operate out of their own studio, though some may shoot on location. They shoot candid shots as well as portraits.

Documentary Photography

This field is similar to photojournalism in that it often covers historical or newsworthy events, but it rarely used for news publication. Rather, photographers exhibit these photos in fine arts galleries or museums. It is common to find photojournalists who exhibit their personal work in addition to working as professional photojournalists.

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