Seasonal and Holiday Photographer Jobs

Freelance photography with a specialty in seasonal and holiday photography is relatively and can be lucrative. And since everyone loves the holiday seasons, there are many chances to build up an impressive array of clients.

Most photographers who work in this profession shoot using digital cameras and printing methods. Some even shoot and print their images on location, offering up instant photo albums for their clients.

Seasonal and holiday photography refers to images, taken on a freelance basis during any major holiday or seasonal event. This can include taking images of Halloween events, Christmas parties, fairs held during the spring and summer months or photography taken at parks and recreational fields. The successful seasonal and holiday photographer markets his services successfully and therefore, can run a very successful business. Seasonal and holiday images can also be sold as stock images.

What the Job Entails

Much of this job entails marketing your services. But while on the job, you will be required to take pictures of attendees, decorations and the general environment. Taking photos of people at events like these can involve a combination of candid photography, ‘studio’ photography and documentary photography. Candid photography involves spontaneity and complete immersion in the event. Many times photographers also bring a traveling studio that includes a canvas backdrop and props. This way, you can create studio quality images on location.

This job also entails some of the mundane aspects of running a photography business. You will meet with clients to discuss their needs. In some cases, you will scout locations. This can include assisting the client with finding the best venue for their holiday party or, if they already have a venue, checking out how you will set up while you are on location. This job also includes administrative duties, scheduling events, invoicing and accounting.

Keep in mind that this is a business primarily, so you will be doing the everyday tasks that most other business owners do.

Some photographers employ assistants or interns, but many of them work alone. If you are shooting a particularly large party or holiday event, the client may hire additional photographers. While on set, you will have to set up lighting, a makeshift studio and choose suitable settings for taking pictures.

One of the most important duties is marketing your services. For example, when you work a holiday party or a family gathering, provide excellent services and always have marketing tools like business cards or post cards to pass out. A great deal of business can be generated through references and word of mouth marketing.

Getting Started

Working as a seasonal and holiday photographer is an easy to start out as a freelance photographer. You do not an advanced degree, just a working knowledge of photography, preferably digital photography and workflow practices. The best way to start out in this field, is to pick up your camera and start shooting. Start out by shooting holiday and seasonal events and selling them as stock images. Once you have built up a sizeable portfolio of stock images and seasonal/holiday images, add these to your online portfolio and upload them to stock image agencies.


Earnings as a seasonal/holiday photographer are also hard to pinpoint because of the nature of the freelance business. reports that seasonal photographers earn an average of $17,000 yearly. If you are interested in this career field, make the most of your earnings potential and find other outlets that pay well.

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