December 29, 2013

The Most Popular Railroad Jobs

Trains are an awesome mode of transportation. Railways criss cross the world. They’re located in urban and rural areas and that means lots of railroad jobs. Are you ready to learn more about some of the most popular railroad jobs?

Trains move people and freight in an easy, inexpensive, and efficient manner. They are multi-purpose form of transportation. They help people with the morning commute, they move countless tons of freight, and they are a popular source of sightseeing tours. You’ve probably seen a train barreling down the tracks. Nothing gets in their way. Do you ever wonder where they are going?

Are you interested in working on a train? It’s an exciting lifestyle. There are railroad jobs where you work with big machines, organize train cars, interact with people, and so much more. It’s an fun industry with lots of job options.

Can you name some of the more popular railroad jobs? Here are a few of them:

  1. Locomotive Engineer – Want to drive the train? Apply for this gig. This job requires specialized training and licensing. It’s a complicated job to be in charge of thousands of tons of speeding steel. This job requires you to be on top of your game to get the train safely from point A to point B.
  2. Train Conductor – To be a successful train conductor you have to be a people person. Your job is to collect tickets, make announcements, and ensure that the train passengers are safe. Often other jobs get lumped into the conductor’s role too. Watch a video about a day in the life of a train conductor here.
  3. Yardmaster – This job ensures that all of the railroad jobs interact in the most efficient manner. They manage the railroad personnel to ensure the right train cars are loaded and unloaded, the train gets the maintenance they deserve, and the workers get the job done correctly. Yardmasters see the big picture and make sure the rail yard operates smoothly.

These three railroad jobs all pay very well. Working in the railroad industry is an cool way to make a living. If there are train tracks near you, there are also railroad job opportunities. There are lots of big railroad employers out there. Which one would you want to work for?

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Working on trains is definitely a career move worth considering. Find railroad job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board today.

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