May 31, 2014

Inspiration To To Quit Your Job

Life is full of decisions. One of the toughest decisions you will ever have to face is whether you should drop everything (including your job) and go somewhere new.

New can be scary. It’s hard to transition from what you know to the unknown. Often times making the hard decision to go somewhere new, travel, and do something different is the best decision you will ever make. Maybe you should take the plunge and consider a travel job in your future?

Your life is yours to control and the world is yours to explore. Take advantage of everything that is available. Don’t get stuck in a routine. It may be alright for a bit, but eventually you’ll have an uncontrollable urge to escape. Act on that urge. You’ll be happier when you do.

What do you really want to do? Surf in Hawaii? Motorcycle across Canada? Work in a foreign country? Anything is possible. You just need to be determined to make it happen.

Sometimes people need a bit of inspiration to get themselves to try something new. There is no better place to look for inspiration than books and movies. Watch some of these critically acclaimed books and movies to see if you can find the motivation to act on your dreams.

  • Into The Wild – Jon Krakauer’s famous book and movie tells the story of Chris McCandless. McCandless leaves behind all of his earthly possessions, moves to Alaska, and lives on the frontier.
  • Aspen Extreme – This ski film has inspired generations of people to quit their dead end jobs, travel west, and go skiing.
  • The Motorcycle Diaries – This film follows the early years of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in his motorcycle tour of South America prior to becoming a Marxist revolutionary.
  • Office Space – This cult comedy explores the boredom of day to day office life.
  • Outsourced – After the lead character’s department is outsourced to India, he is sent there to train his own replacement. It takes a good look at culture and business.
  • The Bucket List – Do you have a bucket list? You better make sure you do the things on it before it’s too late.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – This film is for all of the daydreamers out there. Ben Stiller leaves his boring life to go on the ultimate adventure.
  • The Beach – This book and novel by Alex Garland is one of the more scenic movies we’ve seen. If you’re seeking a tropical paradise, watch this.
  • Endless Summer – This surf film documents the surf culture around the globe.
  • Lord of the Rings – We all know it was filmed in New Zealand. Watch it and you’ll see a magical landscape that captivates the imagination.

There are plenty of other films that are inspirational out there. Stop by Facebook and let us know which films changed your life. If you need to pick up a book to read, we’ve reviewed a few books that you’ll enjoy.

If you follow your dreams, eventually you will end up in the right place for you. If your dream is to travel the world and work, then JobMonkey and the JobMonkey Job Board are some of the best resources available to you. Best of luck in your adventures.

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