February 13, 2011

See Your Gown Walk Down the Red Carpet at Next Year’s Grammys

Tonight at the Grammys, we saw a lot of great styles – from flowing dresses to tight minis to singers showing up totally encased in an egg. There were fashion dos and fashion don’ts – and the gossip columns, celebrity magazines, and viewers will be talking about the red carpet styles for weeks to come. With some hard work, this time next year, you could have a hand in the fashion you see at the Grammys!

Fashion professionals don’t become famous and start working with celebrities overnight. If you want to get started working in this industry, there are two routes you can choose:

  1. Become a fashion designer, working to create fabric masterpieces
  2. Become an image consultant, working to help people find the perfect dresses

How can you break into either industry?

  • Move to California or New York

Fashion professionals can work anywhere, but if you want to work in the celebrity gown design market, California and New York are the two locations in the United States where you can more easily find a job. If you’re interested in moving internationally, Paris is definitely the place to be!

  • Get Educated

While you don’t need a formal education to get started working in the fashion industry, it does give your resume a boost and helps you learn the fundamentals of fashion. There are diploma and short degree programs available, as well as longer bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs for workers in this industry.

  • Work as Part of a Team

You may have awesome ideas that you’d love to see on the runway, but if you want to get started quickly and be working in this industry by the time next year’s Grammys roll around, be a team player. Apply as a junior employee with a design house or stylist, and pay your dues by working your way up the ladder.

Along with fashion design and image consulting, you can also consider other jobs in the fashion/styling industry if you want to play a part in next year’s Grammy red carpet. Consider working as a makeup artist, doing jewelry design, or styling hair as a way to help celebrities shine at big events.

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