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In a world that seems to be financially struggling from top to bottom, there is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to offer hope and escape. That industry is the Film Industry. Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, employing a plethora of talented people, and bringing in a continual influx of income, film is one of the few remaining luxuries no one wants to give up. Responsible for stimulating the economy in most of the United States, and in many countries abroad, film is one the rare mediums where art can be made and actually pay well.

The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” applies to working in film.

Makeup Artist Works on Client

The village is the film crew from beginning to end and the child, the film or project. There are teams of people that come together to make a movie or create a TV show, or even film a 30-second commercial. If you’re one of the talented individuals wanting to work in the film industry, getting hired might seem impossible but – it isn’t.

Every job in film has a purpose and regardless of the saying we’ve all heard about working in the industry, it isn’t necessarily “who you know.” Hollywood has plenty of room for everyone. The key is knowing what you want to do and being willing to work as hard as possible to get there.

In this section of JobMonkey, we’re going to talk about makeup. Not cosmetics, but rather what it takes to become a makeup artist in the film and entertainment industry.

In this section we will cover:

  • The History of Makeup
  • A detailed look at what filmmaking is, including what each job entails
  • How Makeup Artist, Hairstylists, and the Wardrobe Department work together
  • What Makeup Artists do
  • The difference between Makeup and Special Effects
  • Where to Train To do Makeup and Special Effects
  • What you need to know to do makeup FOR film
  • What to expect once you start working in film or television
  • Understanding the “why” of makeup
  • The Makeup Artists Union 706 and 798
  • How to get into the Union
  • How to break into the business
  • Finding your niche and how to get work
  • How to Build your Portfolio
  • How to Maximize your Visibility
  • The types of jobs available to Makeup Artists
  • How to Seek out Jobs
  • Tips from Professionals already established in the Industry

On the following pages you will learn all of the little details you should know in order to give you an edge to make it in film and in the beauty industry.

With an economy that continues to change nationally and globally, it is important, more now than ever, to be at the forefront of any profession. Film is no exception. In fact, not only do you have to have experience, you have to be talented.

Unlike “most” jobs, film is a world only a select few get to entertain. It is continually pushing the boundaries of technology, social responsibility, and the freedom to say or show what you believe in. It creates a sense of understanding between those working on the film and the audience that goes to enjoy the film.

We will also cover the different professions available to makeup artists including specializing in fashion or special events, creating visual art, and we will briefly touch on becoming an educator. At the end of it, you will be well informed, armed with the knowledge, tools, and inside information you will need to succeed regardless of what avenue or makeup you choose to pursue.

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