September 11, 2013

Find Ski Resort Jobs Here

It’s September. The ski season in the southern hemisphere is coming to an end and the resorts north of the equator are gearing up for hiring season. Are you ready for a ski resort job? The weather is starting to cool down and winter is just around the corner. What are you going to do this winter?

Have you considered heading to the mountains to work and play at a ski resort? Ski resorts employ lots of seasonal workers. They are scattered all over the Northern Hemisphere and always hire in the fall for the upcoming winter season. There are plenty of jobs available. You can work on-mountain as a patroller, coach, instructor, or lift operator or inside as administration, management, retail, food and beverage, or hospitality. What will you choose?

Learn more about the ski industry.

Wherever you work, ski resorts offer a relaxed, fun-filled job – with plenty of time spent on the slopes. If working at a ski resort sounds fun, then check out the job listings with these employers:

If you don’t see the perfect job in the JobCenter, check back regularly as this is the season that winter sports job listings get posted. Even though it is still a few months away, now is the time to think about ski resort jobs. Resorts want to get as much of their hiring done now as possible. That way they are ready for the season and don’t have to scramble to fill positions at the last minute. Plus, applying for ski resort jobs early makes your application stand out.

Research ski resort jobs and apply soon. Enjoy the winter!

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