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Skiing and snowboarding are popular sports all over the world. The feeling of freedom you experience while on snow, mixed with the rush of adrenaline creates unforgettable winter experiences. It’s easy to get hooked on snow sports and it’s simple to turn your passion into a job or even a career.

The best way to follow your winter recreational passion is to find a job at a ski resort where you get paid to spend your days in the mountains. What could be better than that? Would you enjoy making your living on snow? You’ll love every second of it. The hardest part of finding work is picking the resort that is best for you.

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Ski Resorts Need You

Seasonal ski resort employment is an absolute blast. There are all sorts of job opportunities available where you can work for a season or set yourself up for a career as a ski instructor, coach, ski shop worker, ski manufacturer representative, or some other totally awesome job. Be sure to apply early to make sure that you land a job at your resort of choice. If you are flexible, you’ll find a job that you love and you’ll get to ski or snowboard all the time.

When you work in the mountains, everywhere you look there are jaw-dropping views of scenic peaks and breathtaking mountain ranges. Your office is the outdoors and your workspace is covered in snow and lined with chairlifts. You get paid to play in the snow and in return you make sure that the ski resorts and mountain towns run smoothly and guests have fun. It’s the same at ski resorts all over the world.

Who Will You Work For?

Skiing is a global phenomenon. There are thousands of ski areas scattered all over the snowy regions of the world. You can ski in over 45 counties. In the United States alone there are well over 400 ski resorts. But there are plenty of other wonderful places with excellent ski resorts that need people like you to spend the winter season working in paradise. Due to lack of snow, lack of mountains, or lack of interest, there are no major ski resorts offering lift accessed skiing and snowboarding in Nebraska, South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Hawaii, Delaware, and Florida.

It’s important to find a resort where you want to work. Take the time to do some research and find a place you want to spend a snowy season. You can work close to home, travel across the country, seek massive terrain, head for the biggest vertical, find the craziest park, look for the deepest snow, chase the best après scene, or pursue a work abroad experience.  The hunt for the perfect resort is on…

Let Your Ski Resort Job Search Begin…

If you are ready to indulge in a winter full of fun, then it’s time to find the best resort for you. There are lots of things to consider and there are many ski resorts in the United States and abroad that need to add people like you to the payroll. To help you evaluate and contact the resorts you are interested in, JobMonkey has broken the United States and Canadian ski resort employers into regions. Search for a state or region where you are interested in working and it will help you narrow your search.

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Use the links below to navigate to the specific ski regions. You can also use the map below.

Western Region Ski Resorts

Northern Region Ski Resorts

Southwestern Region Ski Resorts
New Mexico

Midwestern Region Ski Resorts
South Dakota
North Dakota

Northeastern Region Ski Resorts
New Hampshire

Eastern Region Ski Resorts
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Southeastern Region Ski Resorts
North Carolina
West Virginia

Canada Ski Resorts
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

Feel free to use the handy color-coded map to figure out exactly where each region is located!

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Remember that if you choose to work abroad, you’ll need to make sure you are legally allowed to work in that country. The process to apply for work visas is different for everyone and everywhere.

If you already know you’re destined to live and work in the mountains then head to the JobMonkey Job Center and start your search right away.

Be sure to apply early to give yourself the best chance to land your dream job. Good luck in your search and enjoy your winter!

Use our handy color-coded map to figure out exactly where each region is located.

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