July 13, 2009

Spotlight on Sports Jobs

Do you spend your weekends glued to the TV, catching all the sporting action?  Do you live for the Sweet 16, Superbowl Sunday or the World Series? 

If your passion is sports, then have you ever considered making it your profession, too? You don’t have to be a start athlete to earn a living from sports. Here’s a look at four ways to make a great salary while working in sports:

Sports Journalists

From reporters to broadcasters, sports journalists cover the world of sports. Many newspaper reporters start off specializes in a specific sport within a specific market — usually high school sports for a smaller market. Eventually they can work their way up to covering professional teams and traveling with them around the country and even the world. Broadcast journalists also start local most of the time, before making the jump to national coverage.

Health & Fitness Careers

The Health & Fitness industry is broadly defined as those positions that work with teams or with the general public to promote health and fitness within athletics. Specific jobs can include athletic trainers, sports massage therapists, sports physicians, and sports psychologists.

High School Coaches

The work of a high school coach is truly a labor of love. Not only do you teach youngsters the fundamentals of the game, you also help them to develop physically, socially, morally, emotionally and spiritually; to improve their overall health, fitness and coordination; and to experience the values of group interaction, motivation, and play principles.

Stadium Operations Jobs

One of the best ways to experience the thrill of sports is to be on the field — as a stadium operations worker. Some of the specific stadium operations jobs include head of operations (which nets a $100,000+ salary), stadium or sports facility manager (another six-figure job), sports event coordinator, equipment manager, scoreboard operator, and public address announcer. In addition to a college degree, most of these jobs require experience. A great way to get started is with a college internship at a local field or stadium.

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