High Paying Jobs

Life gets more expensive to live with each passing year. That’s one reason why making a good salary doesn’t hurt! JobMonkey shines its spotlight on a number of occupations with salaries higher than the norm. From jobs that require little extra education – such as sales – to jobs in medicine, engineering, and science.

Check out the job categories and individual positions profiled, then visit our job listings. New jobs are posted every day in just about every field covered in this section! Medicine, aviation, oil and gas, legal jobs … you’ll find great opportunities with excellent salaries on JobMonkey!

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Alaska Crabbing Jobs

The Alaska fishing industry offers the opportunity to make A LOT of money in a short period. Check it out!

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Natural Energy Jobs

Green careers in the natural energy field are hot. Discover wind and solar power job opportunities as well as other renewable and clean energy career paths.

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Medical Jobs

There are lots if six figure career opportunities in the medical and healthcare industries.  It is not just the doctors that are making great money.

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High Paying Business Careers

Excellent salaries, benefits, stock options, sometimes bonuses. Many occupations in the business sector pay more than $100K. Not all jobs require degrees either.

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Oil Industry Careers

Oil rig jobs, oil pipeline jobs, oil sands jobs and other energy related employment in the U.S. and abroad. Also, includes Alaska natural gas pipeline job info.

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Science & Engineering

There is a shortage of “great minds” in the sciences. That’s one reason many science and engineering positions pay so well. Simple Supply and demand!

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Banking Careers

Get to know the many career paths in banking and finance! From bank teller jobs to investment and mortgage banking positions – find jobs you qualify for today.

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Merchant Marine Jobs

Learn about the maritime industry and workboat jobs worldwide. Maritime jobs offer excellent pay and career advancement opportunities! Tugboats, container ships, merchant marines, cruise ships, and more offshore jobs.

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More High Paying Jobs

Some say money isn’t everything, that it can’t buy happiness. But it sure helps! Check out more great occupations that pay higher than average salaries.

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